Help a North Tahoe local be a Princeton Junior Statesmen |

Help a North Tahoe local be a Princeton Junior Statesmen

Omar Vargas
Special to the Sun

Omar Vargas

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Omar Vargas and I am an eighth grader at North Tahoe Middle School in Tahoe City. Last week I received exciting news that I have been accepted into the Junior Statesmen summer school program at Princeton University in New Jersey. This is a huge honor for me, my family and my school community and there is no doubt that this summer program is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am excited to go to Princeton University campus this summer. My single mom raises me and my younger brother and sister. I hardly ever get to spend time with my mom because she is always working so she can provide us with a good childhood. When I have spare time, I enjoy playing football and basketball with my friends. Playing football is goal of mine and I really hope to play on the high school team and even one day for my college team.

At this point I would like to explain the program to you and why I wish to attend. The Junior Statesmen summer school program gives incoming high school freshmen a rewarding and challenging experience in a college setting. The main classes I will be taking are an Advanced Placement (AP) U.S. History class and a War and Diplomacy class. In addition, I will be participating in a congressional workshop, listen to guest speakers talk about national, state, and local politics and have the opportunity to go on a cultural trip to New York. This experience will gain me AP credit for high school and help me understand more political concepts and government issues.

I really would like to attend this program. I am interested in my current U.S. History class with Mrs. Tokubo. I especially enjoy learning about how our countryand#8217;s present political structure is based on the fundamentals of the past. I also find the history of the Constitution to be very interesting and meaningful. To me personally, I feel like many peoplesand#8217; rights are still constitutionally violated and one day I hope to work in constitutional law in order to defend these rights, especially of minorities. This is another reason I would like to go to the Junior Statesmen summer program. This program will help me prepare for high school and upcoming government classes. Also, I see myself attending college at Stanford University and I feel like this program will help me reach this goal.

At this moment financial issues are a problem for me and my family. The cost of the trip is $4,500 plus the airline ticket which is approximately $700 to fly from Reno to Newark. In addition, I need $250 of spending money while Iand#8217;m there, which is a total of $5,400. I have just received a scholarship from Junior Statesmen in the amount of $750 and I believe my mom can contribute about $200. This leaves a total of $4,500 to be paid by May 28, 2010. I am asking for financial support to help sponsor this amazing educational opportunity to Princeton. I am really hoping to get forty-five people (companies and community organizations) to donate $100 each in order to cover all the costs. My teacher is helping me organize my financial needs.

I thank you in advance for any financial support you can provide at this time. Please make all checks payable to North Tahoe School and mail to: North Tahoe Middle School, Attn: Omar Vargas, P.O. Box 5099, Tahoe City, CA 96145.

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Omar Vargas