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Horse Dancers

Sun staff reports

Submitted to the SunInnerRhythms Dancer Micaela Plumb works with horse trainer Leslie Ann Webb at an energy training workshop.

Young dancers from InnerRhythms Dance Theatre worked with artist and horse trainer Leslie Ann Web last weekend to explore the energy between person to person and person to horse.

-“The workshop was a wonderful experience for our dancers to discover the inspiration of working with horses” says InnerRhythms Artistic and Executive Director Elizabeth Archer.

Horse trainer and artist Leslie Ann Webb explains her philosophy to the youth dancers, “There is a spiritual human-animal connection we all have the ability to learn if we merely open our hearts and minds to the possibility. Here today I am teaching Equine Guided Education, where, through the horse’s sensory and intuitive responses, one can learn and rediscover one’s own authentic self.”

-The workshop was funded by the Art and Culture Council of Truckee Tahoe. “Trails and Vistas” will continue these valued collaborative workshops for creative exploration with a final choreographed dance with horses for “Trails and Vistas VI””-slated for Sept. 12 and 13, 2009, says Nancy Tieken Lopez.