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Letter to the Editor: A balanced committee for DP master plan?

Am I the only one that hears a Railroad? Recently, I have been surprised by discussions indicating the community steering committee, that is to assist IVGID while reviewing the Diamond Peak Master Plan, will be chosen by IVGID, and will be "balanced."

This has been explained to mean IVGID will attempt to be sure there are as many members predisposed to favor the plan as to oppose it. This is regardless of how the majority of the community (residents) is positioned.

I believe the committee should reflect the unbalanced views of the community. The planned approach will make it easier to "railroad" the plan through.

The forming of a "balanced "committee reminds me of how one stacks the questions for a biased survey. We do not need a "balanced" committee — we need a representative committee.

We need a committee that will truly represent the community. It may be better to simply put the question "do you want IVGID to start a new summer entertainment business" to a vote.

Personally I wish IVGID would divide the "Diamond Peak Master Plan" into two parts: one to plan the future for the Diamond Peak Ski Area, the other to present a plan for a new summer business adventure backed by the property owners and run by IVGID.

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I find it hard to believe that anyone honestly thinks we need a new amusement park in Incline Village for the children to have something to do in the summer. I am also surprised that Washoe County will permit IVGID to expand its role.

Bob Sendall

Incline Village