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Letter to the Editor: A fresh approach for the hospital board

As a candidate for the Tahoe Forest Hospital District Board, I feel I am the most open-minded person in the race. I do not have a negative history with the hospital as some of my opponents have. I have lived here for seven years full-time. Everyone in my family has been a patient.

My reasons for running are a deep feeling of preserving the quality care we have available. We take hospitals for granted. I have never lived in a community where there wasn't a hospital within 30 minutes.

A bit naive, I stepped into this race only to find some of the candidates are motivated by deeper feelings. Their motivations are based on long-standing personal agendas. Criticism of the current board and hospital administration is a diversion. Their agenda is to make the "fancy, schmancy" hospital a third-rate facility with no essential services.

Their statements are so non-transparent and lack any positive, forward direction. The three candidates running together have been coached and have plans. But you won't hear the plans until elected. It will be too late.

I look forward to applying the positives of our healthcare system. I want to reach out to the community and further the accomplishments of our doctors and staff. I would like to see this award-winning rural hospital become a Center of Excellence for elective surgery.

Keeping the Cancer Center is vital to reaching that goal. A mountain jewel of quality medical care.

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Vote for Ned Hughes to go forward, not back to "country medicine."

Ned Hughes

Tahoe City, candidate for the Tahoe Forest Hospital District Board of Directors