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Letter to the Editor: Arena alert

Phyllis Keller

On Wednesday, Oct. 29, at 6 p.m. there is a workshop scheduled to entertain the possibility of turning McIver Arena into a multi-purpose facility, specifically an ice arena. The meeting is an open forum and all parties with interest or concerns have been invited to attend.

It is important that all in this community who are interested in keeping an arena for the public to work with their horses attend this meeting to express your thoughts. If the ice arena replaces McIver Arena there will be no place for families to take their children to ride or experience horses. Additionally, there will be no place for the Truckee Championship Rodeo because the multi-purpose facility will not be big enough or seat enough to support it any longer. The ice arena is scheduled to have ice down 52 weeks a year according to Mr. Hugo during the last meeting at the Park and Rec on October 9th. If that is the case when will the other multi-purpose activities be scheduled?

My concern is this, without an equestrian arena here in Truckee and the loss of access to many of our trails by new development, where will those of us with horses be able to ride? It would not only be a loss to equestrians it would be a loss to this community and an end to a 35 year tradition. I am not against an ice arena in Truckee; in fact I think it would be a great idea. I just feel its proposed location is the question.

Please come to this meeting and have your voice heard.