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Letter to the Editor: Assessing the quality of Tahoe Forest’s CEO

I attended the recent candidates night last week and found the questions asked for the hospital board were good. The candidates responses definitely showed clearly the two views on TFHD. However, probably the most interesting comments made by several of the candidates were about how the CEO being so "pro-physician."

The public needs to understand the implications of this mindset. A CEO in a hospital is very critical for developing a solid, working relationship with physicians using the facility. This means there must be respect between the CEO and physicians so that the myriad of issues facing the hospital's medical staff and patients can be properly addressed.

However, a very important and necessary role of the CEO is to balance the needs of patients with the care being delivered by the medical staff and the use of available resources. The CEO cannot simply allow the medical staff to do as it pleases, even if some will think of the CEO as a "good guy."

Currently, there is not unanimous agreement among physicians about the quality of this CEO. Though some physicians are supporting the CEO, many others are not. The public should ask why is there such a divide among the rather small medical community in this area?

Could this be caused by how TFHD has dealt with different physicians in trying to build an unneeded, large health system while ignoring basic public health needs?

Dr. Peter Forni

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