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Letter to the Editor: Bravo to Brant Skanson of Village Pharmacy

We are so lucky to have the Village Pharmacy here in Incline Village.

Led by their owner, Brant Skanson, this team provides the best customer service imaginable. They have continually exceeded my expectations.

Here is the most recent example: A few weeks ago, I needed a special drug for my aging cat.

It was the weekend, and the thus pharmacy was closed, but I had Brant's cellphone and email so I contacted him just to see if the drug would be locally available on Monday.

He answered his phone while at his daughter's Saturday morning soccer game in Reno.

Without hesitation, he offered to drive over Mt. Rose to open the Incline store, compound the drug and have it for me by late afternoon.

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This is so typical of his "Commitment to Excellence." Similarly, last winter, I called Brant from my home in Arizona.

Once again, I was looking for a special medication. Two days later, it was in my mailbox with free shipping. And he met the price I had been quoted by another provider.

This high level of customer service seems to come naturally for Brant. He never has to think about taking care of his patrons and that is what keeps us coming back.

Through his leadership, his entire team (Angel, Aimee, Nathaly and Kim) is professional and helpful, whether we need a prescription compounded, want advice about vitamins or request help selecting a good knee brace for golf or skiing.

So brave to Brant and the team at the family owned Village Pharmacy in Incline Village.

Keep up the good work … you are most appreciated.

Micki Napp and Phil Estipular … plus numerous family pets

Incline Village