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Letter to the Editor: Brown is clear choice

Joanne Neft

Although I have been a registered Republican for 50 years, I will not automatically vote “R” unless I believe that candidate is capable of doing the best job for residents of Congressional District #4 and Placer County in particular.

Charlie Brown is the only candidate who lives in Congressional District #4.

Tom McClintock cannot even vote for himself because he lives and votes in Southern California.

Charlie Brown supports women, elders, education, health care reform, and veterans, in sharp contrast to his opponent, who has actually voted against improving veterans benefits and is locked into the concrete of zealotry.

Charlie Brown is a consensus builder and leader who champions solutions rather than fanatical and divisive ideologies that foster extremism.

Charlie Brown is proudly and energetically supported by his party while his opponent doesn’t even have the support of his own party, let alone the thousands of proud Republicans closer to the middle of the road than McClintock on most issues.

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For me, the choice is clear. I will vote for Charlie Brown.