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Letter to the Editor: Crummy coverage

Why is it that less than two weeks before the election and two weeks after absentee voting began, the local paper has not yet profiled all the candidates for local offices? Only today is there information provided about the Squaw Valley Public Service District Board candidates and the Tahoe City Public Utility District Board races have been so far ignored. In a year of narrowly contested statewide and national elections with substantial competition for voter’s attention, the local newspaper is the only general source of information for local ballot issues. The successful candidates will face local issues that have arguably more real impacts on our lives than do “up ticket” races, but it is very hard for most of us to know very much about who is running. As the Tahoe World gave way to the Sierra Sun, we were assured that the new paper format would continue to address the issues important to locals in North Tahoe. Leaving coverage of the local races until after early ballots are cast does not honor that commitment and does a disservice to all of us in Squaw Valley, Tahoe City and the West Shore.

Sue Rae Irelan

West Shore