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Letter to the Editor: Don’t believe Kranz

Fred Haswell
Placer County

Recently I received a very deceptive campaign letter from Bruce Kranz, district 5 supervisor.

I must refute all of Mr. Kranz allegations directed to Jennifer Montgomery our candidate for district 5 supervisor. Ms. Montgomery is living up to her campaign pledge not to accept any donated money from any developer/ Realtor institutions ” she has not and will not!

Ms. Montgomery is telling the truth while exposing Mr. Kranz activities which are detrimental to good government.

I guess Mr. Kranz is ripping Ms. Montgomery on some unnamed highway project when she sided with the wishes of the people in this particular community. His scare tactics such as “harms way,” “unnamed real estate deal,” “dangerous traffic plan,” “45 to make traffic worse,” is hogwash.

The only truthful statement Mr. Kranz made in his letter came in the second-to-last paragraph, when he stated “I’ve made some mistakes along the way,” this is putting it mildly.

Our local candidate for Supervisor Placer County District 5 is truthful, honest, transparent, trust-worthy, protective of our great outdoors and has an open door for all concerns big or small.