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Letter to the Editor: Elect Dale Chamblin to hospital board

At the Truckee Town forum on Oct. 1, Tahoe Forest Board candidate Dr. Greg Jellinek asked incumbent Dale Chamblin, quote, "If there is no problem with the finances in the hospital district, why is the district projecting a $2.5million operating loss for this next fiscal year?"

Although all the candidates participated in an hour-long hospital budget briefing just two days earlier where they were all provided with written material projecting a modest $2 million operating profit and not a loss, Dr. Jellinek apparently misunderstood. Unfortunately, that is not a minor misunderstanding for someone who seeks to guide the finances of the hospital district. His slate and campaign backers have made many similar misstatements in the last few months regarding hospital finances.

The medical experience of doctors is a valuable addition to any hospital board, but it is best balanced with a broad range of business and financial experience too. Board candidate Dale Chamblin has a degree in finance and he was the Chief Financial Officer for a multi-state corporation. Such diversity would be a valuable asset on our hospital board and should not be overlooked. I urge you to vote to continue Dale's financial leadership on the Hospital District Board. Visit keepourhealthcare.info to learn facts about the hospital.

Russell Johnson