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Letter to the Editor: Enough is enough

Steve Kastan
Alpine Meadows

Bruce Kranz claims he protects Placer County tax dollars. Looking at Tahoe, where is the bang for the buck? We’ve had a multi-level parking garage project on the lake side of the highway in Tahoe City, that after hundreds of thousands of dollars in studies, renderings, and staff time, went down the drain. Four years of studies and conflict over workforce housing has produced nothing (zero) for people who live and work here. He is in charge of a Placer County Redevelopment Agency that has sucked hundreds of thousands of dollars from the North Tahoe Fire District that has to be backfilled with your local taxes. Maybe if Bruce had listened to his constituents, Placer County tax dollars could have been spend more wisely. Effective leadership? Even his own Board of Supervisors removed him from his seat on TRPA on the Kings Beach Improvement project after he tried to ramrod his alternative through the Governing Board. Even if you were on Bruce’s side of the fence on this one, is this any way to conduct county business? Enough is enough. Vote for Jennifer Montgomery.