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Letter to the Editor: Expanding candidate statements

Rich Loverde
North Tahoe Fire Protection District candidate

If anybody cares, or was wondering about my incomplete responses in the recent column in the Sierra Sun where I was answering the three candidate questions put forth by the Sierra Sun, I inadvertently went over the 150 word limit. Consequently, the points I was trying to make at the end of my response was unilaterally cut off.

With regard to backyard burning, I stated that I am against it because of the inevitable human error potential and concluded that our fire department initiates fuel reducing control burns in areas where we can make a community impact, i.e. a neighborhood or a homeowner’s association area. This is only done with the concurrence of those affected. I think we should leave control burning to the USFA/CDF and even at that they have come under considerable criticism due to their smoke pollution in certain neighborhoods.

With regard to the districts two recent assessments, I reviewed that between the state and county, we are losing over $1.3 million dollars per year coming right out of you, the taxpayer’s pocket to supplement state deficits and county redevelopment. If it was not for this unfair taxation without representation we would be in great financial shape. It has always been the board’s goal to exhaust all kinds of possible funding before going to the taxpayer. We also try to maintain financial responsibility, but given the unpredictability of the current economic climate, it is hard to reason with our elected representatives. If I am re-elected I will continue the board’s duty to oversee strong fiscal responsibility.

Thank you for reading the conclusion of my statement.