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Letter to the Editor: Give Truckee something to cheer about

Bill Hudson

On Nov. 4 we can reaffirm our commitment to the educational opportunities, quality and safety of the facilities our children use daily. Every day our children go to their job (the classroom) in substandard facilities that limit their abilities to excel. I take great offense with those that would stand in the way of my or any other child’s potential.

I have spoken to some against U, they claim to have a plan. Reality is that they have not, and will not, put forth a credible plan. Why?

Because they don’t have a realistic understanding of the issues at hand and have no interest other than bemoaning the 17 cents per day Measure U will collect Math 101. In 1999 Measure C passed, calling for $48 per 100k of home value. With good management we only spent $34. Now Measure U seeks to reaffirm that $48. What does that cost? $14 per 100k. With an average assessment of $442,000 it totals 17 cents per day. Give up one Starbucks Latte every 3 weeks and U is paid for.

Some complain that Measure U is unfair because expensive homes pay more. First off, Measure C is in place until 2025. Measure U merely reaffirms the same rate and extends it to 2052. (Most of us will be dead.)

Secondly, Measure U is ad valorem, standard for consumption taxes. Are we seriously expecting the sales tax system to change too? Lastly flat rate parcel taxes, would be opposed by seniors and locals whose historically low assessment and would have a proportionately higher rate than those who just bought that home for $1.3 million. Reality is that those buying higher-priced homes understand assessments and figure that into their investment. They will have to give up one Latte a week.

If U passes we will bring our schools up to the levels of those in other communities. Our classrooms will be safer and more efficient; our sports facilities will come up to par with the achievements of our teams. Measure U will give Truckee something to cheer about. Yes on U.