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Letter to the Editor: Horne for Assessor

Donald Herrmann
Grass Valley

The applicants for the job of County Assessor, for whom we’ll soon vote, is not one of being an appraiser. The county already has well trained and experienced appraisers. The job we will vote to fill is for the department head, manager/executive’ an entirely different set of skills and experience.

Sue Horne, in her eight successful years as county supervisor, was one of those board members who, in the executive capacity of our local government, had budgetary, staffing and auditing oversight of all county departments; including the elected assessors’ office. Horne was not an appraiser then either; they had appraisers on staff then too. The assessor’s job is supervision and executing the mission and goals of the county board of supervisors and the chief executive officer. Sue Horne is well experienced for that job; those eight years in the belly of the beast at Rood Center are irreplaceable.

Horne’s personal integrity, work ethic, very evident preparation for all board meetings, were and are superb. Horne is no novice to the workings of Nevada County government. Horne’s personal character and the respect she earned there, will serve her, and thus the county and taxpayers, well. She’s certainly earned my vote.