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Letter to the Editor: Issues

Michele Waldman
Kings Beach

We need to organize a protest to these main issues:

1) Illegal immigration and the effects on our infrastructure, pocket book, quality of life and safety.

2) Our Congress does nothing to help the people, rather they help themselves to our tax dollar.

3) We have no real choice for president. Is this the best we have? Why is it always the lesser of two evils?

4.) Government bailouts ” are you kidding me? The crooks get rewarded while we pay the bill. Anyone else have a problem with this or the fact that the government now owns these large businesses?

Other issues we need to be protesting:

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5) Government/media complex ” why does every news channel report the same talking points? Where are the stories about government corruption, waste and fraud?

6) We live in an oligarchy ” we are ruled by the a small group of elites. Does it seem that the Republicans and Democrats are more similar than different these days? Do you realize that we have had 20 years of the Bush/Clinton administration? How can judges so easily overturn the rule of the people?