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Letter to the Editor: IVGID board not listening to community feedback

Last week (September 24th) I attended the board meeting as I was interested in the Information Technology initiative with a price tag of more than $600K. I certainly support IVGID's desire to update the IT infrastructure and am pleased that they're looking to provide additional free WiFi access to the community at the beach and other locations.

That said, I was disappointed when the IVGID board failed to respond to numerous concerns raised by community members and then went on to approve spending the $600K.

I'm a professional project manager working for Fandango here in Incline Village with 30+ years of experience in the IT field. I can tell you that based on my experience, effective project management relies on a number of guiding principles including the importance of engaging stakeholders throughout the life of a project.

In the case of IVGID's initiatives, the most important stakeholder is the community, since we foot the bill. Given this, I would like to point out to the IVGID board that effective engagement of the community requires that it respond to concerns prior to making a decision.

In my opinion, the IVGID board has a fiduciary responsibility to the community — many, if not all, board members campaigned on their ability to fulfill this responsibility. Given the board's behavior at the last meeting, it seems to me that the board has lost sight of this responsibility.

Going forward, I would like to see more interest by the board in responding to community feedback versus simply providing time for the community to comment.

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Ken Ray

Incline Village