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Letter to the Editor: Keep batteries out of landfill

Sue Mock
Alder Creek Middle School

Have you ever wondered where to put your batteries? Well the sixth grade ecology class at ACMS (Alder Creek Middle School) has got you covered. We will take you old batteries and we will make sure they don’t end up in the landfill. Look for turn in boxes in the front office and in Mrs. Mock’s room (sixth-grade halls, No. 103).

You can feel free to drop them by. We will take any type of batteries besides vehicle batteries. There are many things that we need batteries for including cameras, stereos, toys and tools. Some batteries have toxic components and if they are not disposed of properly, they can harm our environment.

There are many ways to reduce household battery waste:

Buy only the amount you need and check to see if you have them first.

Try to buy as many items as you can that don’t need batteries.

You can buy the rechargeable batteries but remember that some have heavy metals such as nickel-cadmium that can harm our environment if not disposed of properly.

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Battery recycling has a positive impact on our ecosystem and environment.