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Letter to the Editor: Kudos to North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District

On Sunday, Oct. 27, Marie and I decided to go fishing on the Lake Tahoe. I have fished Tahoe for 30 years — so I feel experienced.

Suddenly in late morning, a strong west-northwest wind promptly appeared, with ominous white-caps — so we immediately headed for the IVGID boat ramp where we had launched.

At the ramp, I mistakenly secured my 14-foot aluminum boat to the side of the concrete launching ramp, while Marie went to get the car and trailer from the parking lot.

It was too late. Lake water began to spill over the rear transom of the craft and quickly swamped the boat in a few minutes.

I quickly realized I needed help, so I called 911 for the fire department, and when they arrived all of my tackle and gear were thrashing around inside my inundated craft.

With the stormy lake conditions, the firemen were unable to do anything about getting my boat back on my trailer, so they winched the boat up on the sandy shore. The boat must have then weighed more than a ton — with all the water inside.

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Two firemen had to put on wet suits, and several set up a rope/cable winch system to drag the vessel up on the sand and out of the lake. This whole exercise probably took more than half an hour.

I want to commend the cooperating men of our fire department who did an outstanding job of saving my hapless boat that day.

Jerry Stewart

Incline Village