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Letter to the Editor: Let’s be Proud of our Schools

I am embarrassed to be driving around a town that is peppered with signs insinuating that there is something shameful about Measure U. Schools should be a point of pride in a vibrant, healthy community. It is a sign that the community values its youth, values education, and believes in the future. We have a high school built half a century ago that needs upgrades inside and out. A vote for Measure U shows that we care enough about children to forego the equivalent of a dinner out to pay for quality educational facilities and the chance to bring our educational institution into the modern age. While Measure U will help bring the high school up to technological, structural and environmental standards, it has another benefit. We have amazing kids in this town and we raise amazing athletes. Yet despite the popularity of track and field teams at the middle school and high school, our town has no track and field facilities. Among other things, a vote for Measure U will provide this basic sports facility. There is no shame in supporting Measure U. Let’s be proud of our schools.

Nancy Woolf