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Letter to the Editor: Let’s not forget Ordinance No. 7

Summer is over and the beaches are no longer manned. All eyes are now on the Diamond Peak Master Plan. But let's not forget our restricted beaches.

The numbers are in for 2014. The beach attendance has risen from 167,887 in 2013 to 177,504 this year. When will it stop … at 200,000 or 250,000?

To reiterate what I have said in the past:

1. Within Ordinance 7, make a separation between the restricted beaches and the public golf course, Diamond Peak, the tennis center and the recreation center.

2. Put a cap on the parcel owner passes as follows: Five picture passes or combination of picture passes/punch cards with the availability of four additional punch cards per parcel per year. This will give each parcel owner the possibility of 52 adult guests to the beach per year using the punch cards only. The punch cards will expire at the end of the year if not used. If there is a absolute cap on these passes, it really doesn't matter whether we use the "family tree." However, it is imperative that the wording of the court ruling is taken into consideration to ensure we are not overstepping the court's intent.

3. Eliminate the white forms, which are not part of Ordinance 7. The rental property owners and the timeshare units will have to figure how they want to use the allotted passes per parcel.

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4. Eliminate "guest passes" purchased at the gate. The punch card should be the only form of entry for guests.

5. Should a parcel owner require beach "special occasion" guest passes for a specific date, a list of guests will be provided to the Recreation Department along with the beach access fees as determined by IVGID. Individual beach passes will be issued accordingly. IDs will be required at the gate for all adults. Parcel owners will be able to do this on a one time per year basis.

Let's get Ordinance 7 settled and not sweep the issue under the rug.

Jane Bekowich

Incline Village