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Letter to the Editor: Meatless Monday a good start

We are programmed and bombarded with certain messages for so many years, that the message becomes a belief system. We grow up being told that we need to eat meat to get protein and that eating animals is normal and natural. Parents say it to their children, who then say it to their children, who say it to their friends.

Even doctors can be misinformed about nutrition, promoting the products offered by pharmaceutical companies, rather than educating their clients about the health benefits of a whole-food plant based diet.

Humans are social animals, going along with the majority, tending to do what those around them do. The Tahoe Truckee Unified School District's decision to take part in the nationwide "Meatless Monday" campaign by offering only meatless meals in school cafeterias on Mondays is an inspired departure from our society's unhealthy habit.

TTUSD announced the campaign to "reduce our carbon footprint, save precious resources like fossil fuels and fresh water, and improve the health of our kids." The TTUSD is not alone. Over 52 public schools nationwide also have a Meatless Monday, while one public school in Queens, N.Y., went totally vegetarian, offering only whole plant based food to their children, and report that their attendance, test scores and energy are all improved.

The United Nations advocates a global shift towards a vegan diet as being vital component to save the world from hunger, fuel poverty and the worst impacts of climate change.

While kids at the TTUSD will be enjoying entrees such as veggie bowls, baked potatoes, bean and cheese burritos and teriyaki tofu in the school cafeteria on Mondays, they may also learn about these urgent global issues, as well as having better personal health. Who knew a veggie bowl could do so much good? Habits are hard to break, but a Meatless Monday makes a good start.

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John Merryfield

Kings Beach