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Letter to the Editor: MIA Mail

Phil and Lore McLaren

Although there is nothing at all funny about mail that “goes missing” after leaving the Truckee Post Office, we could not suppress a couple of ironic chuckles (followed by a couple of heavy sighs) after reading your Oct. 21 cover story.

We have previously written letters to the Sierra Sun about problems we have experienced with the Truckee Post Office, as have others in the community. Although Post Office officials are taking pains to declare that the Truckee Post Office was not to blame for the MIA mail, we can guarantee that this will be met with, ahem, “skepticism” on the part of this community. The problems are on-going, and are apparently getting worse. Up to this point, Truckee Post Office employees have, at best, paid lip service to the problem. Maybe the magnitude of this recent incident will prompt the necessary investigation and action.

In our opinion, however, the problems stem from a deeply ingrained mind-set on the part of Truckee Post Office employees that they simply don’t have to care. This mind-set extends to even the most basic aspects of customer service. We recently requested a vacation hold on our mail while we were out of town. When we returned, we found that our PO Box had been stuffed so full that mail was damaged. When we complained about mail being stuffed in our box in spite of the “vacation hold” order, we were told that they continue to put mail in the box because it’s “easier” for the employees ” only when the box is full (in this case, bursting!), do they actually “hold” the mail. When we asked what the point was to a hold request, we got a shrug. When we asked if the employees couldn’t tell that they were stuffing the box so full things were being damaged, we got another shrug.

The employee we spoke to clearly could not have cared less. Why should she? She isn’t accountable in any way, and we were just an annoyance in her day. Until accountability and customer service are emphasized at the Truckee Post Office ” as they must be in any successful business! ” nothing is going to change.