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Letter to the Editor: More cuts, not increases

Virginia Graham
Tahoe City

Interesting! Now the City of Atlanta has made a mandatory 10 percent cut in expenses, sort of following a national trend. Contrast that with Tahoe City Public Utility District Manager in March 2008 stating to the Board that all departments were cutting back 4 percent in 2008, and 8 percent in 2009.

However, the current Tahoe City Public Utility District proposal shows an 11.25 percent increase in the general/administrative ’09 budget alone, without considering the 7.8 percent in parks/recreation and the yet unknown percentage in sewer/water.

And it appears that the State will be in arrears $28 billion, not the $10 billion is stated in my previous column. This is definitely the time to cut back on any and all outflow of monies beyond the most necessary. No wish lists ” just bottom line necessities.

The wish list which occasions the 35.5 percent increase in water and sewer billing should be revisited now ” before any increases are enforced. Yes, the rate-decision process has gone on 18 months but we’re now experiencing drastic economic changes nationwide, with more to come.

Any and all recreation programs should be self-sustaining, supported by participants therein. All park and grounds maintenance and facilities should be fully funded by the respective owners of the property ” school district, county and state agencies or the private users, if any. Taxing homeowners for services they do not partake in is taxation without representation.