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Letter to the Editor: Outstanding care at Tahoe Forest cancer center

In May of 2009, we were given the dreaded cancer diagnosis. Our first reflexive action was to go to one of the major hospitals in San Francisco. After making the tortuous round trip for treatment and based on extremely positive reviews we opted to switch to the TFH Cancer Center.

In the 32 years that we have been homeowners here we had never been in the TFH. In the past five plus years we have been fortunate to have experienced the outstanding array of services available to us that we wouldn't have believed possible in Truckee. We have utilized almost every department in the hospital and received outstanding care from each of them.

The Cancer Center, with its leader, Dr. Laurence Heifetz, and the entire staff are extraordinary in the level of care and support they give to all of their patients. They also provide many ancillary programs that enhance the life of the patient. All of these services are made available with no charge through the Cancer Center Endowment, the generosity of the community and the family of Gene Upshaw.

The slate of three have spoken and written extensively about their intention to significantly repurpose or dismantle parts of the cancer center. I cannot imagine being told that the care that we are receiving will no longer be available because of "inefficiencies," "under utilization," or being "unprofitable."

I can't help but wonder if any of the slate has experienced cancer either as a patient or caregiver or have been cared for at our community's invaluable Cancer Center.

I can't imagine where we would be today if not for the outstanding care that we have received from Dr. Heifetz and the entire staff of TFH. Please don't deny the many others who will follow.

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Rick Green

Tahoe City