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Letter to the Editor: Resorting to ‘dirty politics’

Judith Tornese and Jerry Winters
McKinneyEstates, Lake Tahoe

My husband and I are very surprised and disturbed by the smear campaign being waged by Bruce Kranz against Jennifer Montgomery. The “Friends of Bruce Kranz” have mailed an outrageous poster to voters that mentions a lot of distorted information and takes her comments out of context. For instance, a contribution that she made to another candidate several years ago is imputed to mean that his beliefs (again distorted by the poster) are Montgomery’s beliefs. This is not logical.

Obviously, Kranz feels he must resort to “dirty politics” in a desperate attempt to bring him up from a losing position.

Montgomery is a sharp woman (Phi Beta Kappa from Mills College in Oakland) and listens to the concerns of the community. She would be a breath of fresh air to the Placer County Board of Supervisors.