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Letter to the Editor: Sign stealing not one-sided

Mike Brooks

I am writing in response to Zeke Rodriguez’s letter about stolen yard signs. This is not a one-sided occurrence. I called the Placer County Republican party and the Nevada County Republican party headquarters in Truckee to find our how I can get some John McCain and Tom McClintok signs for the area. I have seen very few. I was told that they keep running out because people are reporting them stolen over and over again. I know of one such McCain sign on the West Shore that is no longer there. So you see, It’s not just a one-sided story. One letter writer wrote about how McClintok supporters were suppressing her right to “free speech” because a McClintok sign was placed directly in front of a Charlie Brown sign. What about all the Charlie Brown signs I’ve seen in front of Tom McClintok signs? With all the Charlie Brown signs in the area, I hardly think her right to free speech was compromised. Charlie Brown attended an anti-war rally to support code pink against troops and the war in Iraq. That kind of display and those rallies totally disrespect troops and degrade troop morale. How do I know? Because I’m also a U.S. soldier who has served in Iraq and I know how it feels. That’s a huge reason I’m voting for Tom McClintok and will never support someone like Brown.