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Letter to the Editor: Stop taxing the working class

Scott Denham

The implementation of the Truckee planning “vision” is bankrupting local working families.

Middle class Truckee working families should be exempt from much of the current regulation, taxes, fees and permitting processes that has been adopted to “save” Truckee from over development. Working families are paying to large a percentage of their shrinking disposable income on unnecessary infrastructure and “services.”

For every new tax or fee that hits the books, there are corresponding local families that are pushed into bankruptcy. For every new regulation or law enacted, the financial burden to local parents causes a few more local children to lose their health insurance. This is a graphic example of the “butterfly effect” in action.

Working families with limited incomes are relative low consumptive and “green” by nature. They build sensible houses and watch their energy costs constantly.

Also, middle class working families “give back” to their community every day be getting up at dawn and going out and doing the day-to-day grind of maintaining Truckee’s infrastructure and economy.

It’s not too late to deregulate and exempt Truckee working families from the excessive regulation taxes and fees so they can stay.

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They are still the majority here! And they certainly deserve it.