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Letter to the Editor: Support for airport candidates

Bob Horvath

Your readers may recall my remarks about airport board members four years ago. I was opposed to three candidates promoted by C.A.R.E. These people were non-pilots and I was concerned about the airport from my pilot prospective. I was wrong; and this year I am voting for Eagan, Hetherington and Van Berkem

Here are three reasons why:

First, shortly after the election I suggested to one board member that they consider acquiring the Ponderosa Golf course. The purchase seemed like a good way to curtail “Urban Sprawl” around the airport while conserving a great community asset. They listened!

Second, the board asked pilots for noise impact ideas. I had been purchasing fuel at nearby airports for two years and my savings were sometimes in excess of a $100 per fill-up. High Truckee gas prices were causing two extra air operations. Truckee gas pricing has become more competitive and now I fill-up at home. They listened!

Third, the board implemented a financial incentive (reduced hangar rent) for pilots who agreed not to takeoff prior to 6:30 a.m. I had an early business meeting in Salt Lake last summer. The board had installed surveillance cameras to, among other things catch pilots in violation of their agreements. The camera recorded me taxing to the run-up area at 6:15 a.m. Keeping with my noise abatement agreement, I prepared my airplane for takeoff and then waited 5 minutes until the clock struck 6:30 a.m. The system worked!

Truckee airport staff continues to keep the airport safe and in tip-top condition. Thank you pilot board members Sandy Korth and Bill Quesnel for your contributions from a pilot prospective. If you decide to vote for Kathleen Eagan, Mary Hetherington and Tom Van Berkem this Nov. 4, this pilot says, that would be a good choice.