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Letter to the Editor: The failure of Obamacare

The country is experiencing the dreadful results of the failure of Obamacare and its namesake. All those who have previously said and written that all the naysayers of this president's policies were just haters and racists can now watch the destruction of our health care system and economy because of the radical left wing democratic ideology.

College graduates, minorities, low and middle class people are suffering from unemployment, underemployment, part-time work without benefits while witnessing the expansion of poverty, the increasing size of the lower class and the rising dependency on food stamps and other government handouts.

We are watching the failure of a massive government takeover which was rammed into law only by the Democratic Party and then only passed when Obama gave unfair exemptions to democratic supporters and knowingly lied to its citizenry.

A law forced on us by Senator Reid's intense political maneuvering and based on lies to get the necessary support is not what we expect from congress and our president. You cannot keep your insurance and doctors if you like them.

In a further attempt to salvage his legacy and only achievement, Obama has again unconstitutionally changed provisions of the "law of the land" that constitutionally only congress has the power to do. Today he illegally wants to force insurance companies to sell policies they have been legally forced to cancel.

His action may just be a way to shift blame to the insurance companies for 5,000,000 people having their insurance canceled.

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How can anyone in congress not rise up to openly challenge these repeated lawless actions of Obama? He is required to enforce "the law of the land" as passed, not change it as suits his desires.

Richard Reiter

Incline Village