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Letter to the Editor: Thoughts on the hospital election

My thanks to Jim Porter for his election advice. He is always thoughtful and well informed, so I am a little disappointed that he is ethically precluded from commenting on the hospital board election.

I agree with Jim that this is an important issue for our community, and I also believe that each candidate is operating in good faith, with good intentions. So I'm seeking advice.

I note that CATTPAC endorses a slate of three, who have apparently agreed to work as one voice on future hospital issues. I'm going to listen carefully to CATTPAC's advice on hospital construction issues, as I do on my personal construction projects.

I note that all of my health care providers, and many other physicians, are endorsing three independent candidates. I am going to follow my doctors' advice, mostly, as I do with my personal health care.

I'm voting for Chuck Zipkin for his independent integrity and broad commitment to our community's health care systems. Dale Chamblin, for his business acumen and demonstrated common sense. I'm leaning toward Ned Hughes, but I also like the idea of at least one voice for the other three guys. It's usually helpful to have a second opinion on medical issues.

Jim Ritchie

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