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Letter to the Editor: TRPA needs to focus on keeping Tahoe clear

In last Wednesday's Sierra Sun, a TRPA-led group of PR specialists wrote about their campaign in "Supporting a Culture of Cooperation." I suppose with four full-time public relations employees the TRPA must find them work to enhance their image and fashion public opinion.

Perhaps TRPA could define what exactly it means by "culture," and apparently defined by "cooperation" with whom, about what, and to what extent? The phrase is cleverly designed to preclude any alternative thought because who could be against cooperation, and even better if it is embedded in the culture.

There is a name for contriving verbal symbols to influence people at a deep emotional level, and to manipulate them into action. But instead of spending taxpayer dollars on implementing the textbook version of propaganda, how about taking action as TRPA was intended and stop the storm water pipes from dumping roadway runoff directly into Lake Tahoe.

This is the most visible failure to protect Lake Tahoe water quality, because roadways and parking lots produce the most unmitigated contaminants. The few installed cartridge filters fail to filter the 75 percent of very fine sediment, but this seems to be acceptable to the TRPA.

Any stewardship begins, and is most effective, by example. After all, acting to protect Lake Tahoe from the worst contaminants is your job delegated by Congress. Spending public funds on messaging to boost an image is a poor substitute for action on the ground.

Dave McClure

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