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Letter to the Editor: Truckee football commitment a labor of love

The Truckee High School Football coaches do a fantastic service for our community, even though the season start has been rough. They help grow our Truckee boys into solid men. This is true of coaches in the past, and the present.

The coaches develop good character in their players. Players learn to work very hard, spending many hours every week becoming physically strong team players who are students of the game. They study their own play, and that of their competition.

Coaches insist players work hard at school as well. Players learn commitment, tenacity, poise, persistence, passion and preparation. Coaches teach the players to overcome obstacles and overachieve beyond the limits of their personal talent or stature. They teach players to be leaders and role models, and to help their communities.

Truckee is the smallest school in the league, which is a big handicap. Without cutting, Truckee is able to provide playing time for all players who come out and work hard. The school size also makes Truckee players generally physically smaller than their opponents.

Many Truckee players play both offense and defense. This year, the Varsity team needed to bring up five sophomores to fill out the roster, which is less than they needed last year. The numbers look more favorable next year.

The coaches require exemplary behavior from their players both on and off campus. They have courageously insisted that the players must choose between playing football and attending alcohol parties. The coaches have chosen the hard short-term course that is best, in the long run, for the community, the team, and each of the players.

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Truckee coaches work as a labor of love for their players and community. They work countless hours for little, if any, pay. I am very thankful to the Truckee Football coaches.

David Huggins