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Letter to the Editor: Truckee’s not-so-recent vanishing act

Alexis Pollock

I am sure that I am only one of MANY that have a voice to speak out in regards to Truckee’s “vanishing” mail! After getting off the phone with the last company I remembered sending a check to that was never received, I ironically went to put some mail out this past Tuesday and just happened to pick up the Sierra Sun which answered my question as to why I had spent so much extra time and money over the past couple of weeks doing follow-ups on my checks that were not clearing. I really thought after so long that I had ‘misplaced’ them somewhere much to my surprise it was not me at all, it was the Truckee Post Office!!

I read the article on the front page of the paper in horrified anger, basically stating that my mail…my bills…my personal and business account numbers are out there…somewhere! As one resident stated, why did the post office wait for an entire month before letting the public know about this?

Which I would still not know about had I not grabbed the last newspaper out of the stand. Truckee is known for its small town community and this does not support such a wonderful part of why many reside here.

Take some responsibility for your actions and let everyone know when something has gone wrong. Especially when that something effects vehicle payments, mortgages, insurance, and business accounts. In my eyes the biggest fault with all this was that the post office treated it as No Big Deal?

It IS a BIG deal!

And just curious … where is my mail?