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Letter to the Editor: Vote Bender

Anna Koenig

At a time when elections seem extremely polarized and highly emotional ” I like to think that calmer heads will prevail and the candidate with our future in mind will win. That being said, I’m watching our local elections closely. A candidate that I feel would be an incredible asset to Truckee due to his vested interest in the community (he is the father of two young children, a local business owner and husband of a local business owner) is Jeff Bender. His concern for the big picture is evident ” weighing the essentials of town budget with a progressive and moral concern for the future health of our town ” he is highly capable. An experienced, local engineer he is the right choice for Truckee PUD in order to usher this town in the right direction. His concern for public health and safety is paramount and his conservation and incentive ideas are good for both home owners and local businesses. I urge you to learn a little more about Jeff Bender (or just believe me!) and cast your vote in his favor.