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Letter to the Editor: Vote Chuck Zipkin for hospital board

The current campaign for the Tahoe Forest Hospital board has generated a great deal of heat and some light on what makes a hospital great.

One of the things that disturbed me was a candidate's assurance that a hospital with very thin margins could cut costs and still support the money-losing emergency room and OB/GYN services.

It sounds like one of the statements we sometimes hear from Washington politicians. Easy to say and impossible to realize. Obviously, a wrong vote in this election could result in a loss of key services that we all might need.

I'm not denying that there are some ethical questions concerning past hospital management decisions. I would expect any new board member to carefully review future contracts and determine if they should be continued.

New hospital board members will need to thoughtfully sift through a maze of complex issues. Past grudges should not be allowed to triumph over the needs of our community. Clear thinking will be needed to meet the major changes occurring in the national and local health care industry.

I think Dr. Chuck Zipkin has the integrity, intelligence and experience to meet these challenges. He is an independent thinker and not committed to any hospital administrators. His goal is to help the community as a whole and not some special interest group. Let's give him the support he needs.

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Jerry Blackwill