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Letter to the Editor: Vote Falk, Jellinek, Spohr for hospital board

Our community has been asking insightful questions about the Tahoe Forest Hospital District. Nowhere in the discussion have I heard questions or criticism about the quality of care. Those of us in the community who have used the hospital services know that the medical care is excellent.

The important questions — many of which remain unanswered — are about what appear to be the excesses and conflict of interest at the administrative level. Why do we have such a huge — and partially vacant — cancer center? Although local journalists originally questioned the administrative practices and potential conflict of interest issues in 2012, why was no action taken by the board until more journalistic probing this year turned up additional questions?

Why was an independent entity not charged with investigating the situation? Why has the community still not received satisfactory answers about these matters? Medicine in this country is a business, and as we all know, competition in a business environment keeps costs down and encouraging competition. Why does the hospital feel it necessary to buy independent medical practices in the area?

I am voting for Falk, Jellinek, and Spohr, who in my eyes represent responsible, educated, and smart change, and help sort out how administrative services can be pared down to keep prices affordable for the community. You don't have to be a medical practitioner or former hospital employee to ask and get answers to important questions about conduct and smart business management.

I encourage all voters to read, listen, ask your own questions, and vote for the candidates who are committed to the community and will represent your interests in an impartial, intelligent, and professional way.

Pam McAdoo

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