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Letter to the Editor: Vote Goodwin, Brown for town council

I'm excited. I always exercise my right to vote, and in anticipation of this November 4, I'm the most excited I've been since we voted to become the town of Truckee.

A few weeks ago, I met Morgan Goodwin who had just submitted his application for candidacy for Truckee Town Council. I've since had conversations with him, watched and listened while he spoke with and listened to others, read his website morganfortruckee.com and printed materials, and have met some of his enthusiastic supporters.

My excitement continues to grow. I wear his button whenever I leave my home because I want all Truckee residents to become familiar with Morgan Goodwin, talk with him, read whatever you can about him. We can also learn about other candidates (Mark Spohr, Greg Jellinek, John Falk for hospital board), (Gerald Herrick for fire board), and issues (Measure U) on the ballot for Truckee.

An important voting event is only a few weeks away.

In selecting the winners who will represent us in the town of Truckee, we have the ability to influence the character, heart and direction of Truckee.

There are three seats available for Town Council. Whether early by absentee ballot or in the ballot box on November 4, please check the boxes for Morgan Goodwin (reminder hook: "Goodwin is a Good Win for Truckee") as well as Mark Brown ("Mark for Mark"), a seasoned, well-informed and thorough incumbent.

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I often feel I'm voting against something. This time I'm voting for my place — Truckee — now as well as for my grandchildren.

P. Tanzy Maxfield