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Letter to the Editor: Vote ‘no’ on Measure U

I spent some time to understand what Measure U is all about on Internet and went to the candidate forum on October 2nd, and I believe that Measure U is another colossal mistake, like the hospital tax measure.

The school board member representing  "yes on U" was unable to tell us why we had to commit ourselves to such an enormous tax liability for so many years ($114 million for 33 years, at 7 percent interest), except: Trust us, we will do the right thing.

She also stated during the question and answer session that the $48.25 per $100,000 assessed value of a property is not finalized and it could be more or it could be less.

I looked around the room and half the people present including myself would not even be alive to see the conclusion of the project. The present school board and superintendent are fine people and have the interest of the students at heart; however, their terms are limited and neither of them will be around to safeguard the investment the Truckee taxpayers must make today for 33 years.

Truckee is becoming more and more a resort and retirement community, and the number of children requiring the new facilities is declining. Technology is changing so fast that by the time one learns how to use a gadget, the gadget becomes obsolete and must be replaced.

I am all for new and innovative schools, and I am not against paying for it, but do we need to commit ourselves for such a long time in future? Why not replace the schools in phases and let the residents of Truckee vote for each phase separately?

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I believe this is another colossal Taj Mahal, just like the hospital and its cancer center. I agree with "No on U." It is too costly for too long in the future which none of us has any idea about.

Parvin Darabi