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Letter to the Editor: Vote Sue Daniels for NTPUD seat

I personally am voting to re-elect Sue Daniels to her current seat on the North Tahoe Public Utility Board. I have observed over the past few years that she is an excellent board member. She ethical, calm, unflappable and can hold her own against all the rampant testosterone in the board room. She fiscally moderate and quite competent in the ins and outs of local government.

Several issues have come up that have no bearing on Sue personally or professionally, or on her performance on the board — past, present or future. These topics are smoke screens because the opponents could not find any real reasons to speak against her, her candidacy or the work she has been doing thus far on the board.

The nice thing is that a vote for Sue is a vote for NTPUD and that is just plain smart. She brings knowledge, life skills and experience to an organization that could easily founder with an amateur in place. Don't get me wrong I actually like the opponent and think she could do well in another venue at another time.

Join me in making the right choice for NTPUD, Sue Daniels.

Meera Beser

Kings Beach