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Letter to the Editor: Vote Sue Daniels for NTPUD seat

I am voting for Sue Daniels because she has kept her promises to the local residents. She is always available to listen to our concerns and address our issues.

It is easy to make assumptions about sometimes difficult or complex issues when you are outside looking in. Claims made against the board by people who haven't attended open board meetings, or who lack understanding of whom is responsible for what, do not provide us with the logic and community service we deserve. 

The board is well within its vision of running a tight ship with fiscal responsibility while continuing to update maintain and grow infrastructure and recreation within current rates.

State Parks reclaimed the management of Kings Beach State Recreation Area — its ownership right, not because of poor collaboration, but because of the money that parking fees would generate for State Parks.

The NTPUD has had 30+ years of exemplary service that must be highlighted. Remember it was Sue who was instrumental in getting the attention of our town, Senator Gaines, and Representative Dahle in trying to keep the KBSRA contract.

During Sue's last term we got a new children's playground, re-surfaced tennis courts, $232,000 in county collaboration grants for a future dog park and a state of the art lake access at Tahoe Vista Recreation Area. From savings we are getting a new base facility to ADA standards with no increase in rates.

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Sue Daniels is a longtime resident invested in and cares about the community. She keeps her constituents informed and actually asks us what we want!

She is an essential team player on the board with no hidden agendas. However she needs your votes!

Cindy Curran

Tahoe Vista