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Letter to the Editor: Welcome to California

Max Haynes
Tahoe Vista

Go figure. Two long time local partners, who have supported the North Shore community and environment for decades, and made Sandy Beach into a public beach, propose to redevelop a non-viable private campground on a heavily impacted site into modern tourist accommodation units.

They started the permitting process over five years ago, have managed to navigate the myriad of Placer County and TRPA rule and regulations inclusive of an expensive and extensive Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The project is half the density/units allowed by zoning, has seven affordable, for sale homes starting at $70,000, follows strict environmental controls and is a major investment to bring in tourist dollars at a time the North Shore community is in a steep decline. After numerous public meetings the Placer County Planning Commission and Supervisors have voted unanimously in favor for the project as well as the TRPA board in an 11 to 1 vote. This alone was a long process with intense review by numerous experts and the public.

Now, a handful of vocal opponents of the redevelopment, armed with their own personal agendas, led by a land-use planner who has brought forward large projects in Tahoe Vista including the permitting of Tonopolo, have blocked, delayed, spread misinformation and are now suing to stop the project. The TRPA, in federal court with taxpayers’ money, will now have to defend its decision to approve the redevelopment.

Welcome to California!