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Letter to the Editor: What will become of the beavers?

Crystal Harling
San Rafael, Calif.

In the Environmental Draft Master Plan for the Truckee Railroad development now up for review, it indicates under General Wildlife Usage the following: “Trout Creek is the only valuable wildlife habitat in the Master Plan; however being surrounded by predominantly developed and disturbed lands and the proximity to Downtown Truckee substantially decrease its value to wildlife habitat.”

It goes on to say beavers have been observed in the reach of Trout Creek which have resulted in the development of a marsh along the creek. The beavers’ dams which can be seen in the creek alongside Glenshire Drive and the habitat they have created are of value in their current location to downtown. At least the beavers think so.

I would urge the town of Truckee to look at the beavers as an asset and to maintain the beavers and their current habitat in their restoration plans for Trout Creek, since I didn’t see any actual comments on what will become of the beavers.