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Letter to the Editor: Why no chance for write-in candidates?

While looking at my Absentee Ballot that arrived last Friday, I found that the Truckee Tahoe Airport District and the Truckee-Donner Recreation & Park District candidates were not on the ballot. I called the County Registrar of Voters to find out what's up.

Because they are a "Special District" they have the option of not putting their boards on the ballot if the incumbents are not being challenged. This decision is apparently made by the boards. Which brings up a couple of questions.

In the case of the Rec Dept. Board which had three positions up for re-election, should not those members abstain from making a decision that basically re-elects them? And with three members abstaining, that leaves only two members to vote, and lacking a quorum now, they could not make a decision.

Shouldn't the board have placed their members on the ballot, where it gives us (the voters) a chance to maybe run a "write in candidate," or not vote for any of them to show a lack of support for them?

As for they Airport Board, they had only two members up for re-election and had a quorum to make that decision.

As for the school bond, in the Sacramento Bee Editorial dated 27 September 2014, they are recommending schools not seek new local bonds for new schools and improvements to existing schools, citing the fact that the State is looking at reestablishing the account that supplies matching building funds to districts, and citing where Folsom Cordova used bonds to finance a building that cost $514,000 to build and will now cost $9.1 million to repay.

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Bryan DeVoe