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Ode to Oliver

H.H. Hunter
Special to the Sun

TAHOE, Calif. and#8212; Oliver was a man of the lake.

He always gave, he would never take.

He loved all things, in this blessed place.

There were hard times, he had to face.

His parents and brothers made the lake their space.

They were here before most everyone.

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The winters were hard, very little sun.

In days past the lake wasnand#8217;t fun.

Oliver and Charles shoveled sand into trucks.

So they could attend U.N.R., they had to make

A few bucks.

Oliver was an engineer, he made things to last.

He didnand#8217;t want anything he built,

That couldnand#8217;t stand fast.

He was a man before his time.

He had foresight, that shouldnand#8217;t be a crime.

Now that he is gone, people wish he was here,

He was a valuable asset, for friends that were dear.

He has left us for a better place.

No one else can fill his space.

I hope his legend will linger on.

His life on earth was an interesting song.