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Opinion: Defining independence is different from years ago

I doubt there are many individuals under the age of 30 who can give an accurate definition of that word. The base age may even be higher.

The lack of knowing the meaning of independence is causing the middle class to disappear. There is no need to worry. The government, from local to federal, is getting bigger.

So, what is independence? Being on your own. Making your own decisions and dealing with the consequences. Financially, taking care of your responsibilities. Knowing the restrictions of where you exist and abiding by them or changing them. Those are just a few examples.

You are a success as long as you are not a liability!

The "In" has been removed and "dependence" is all that is left. The majority wants the government to take care of them and even employ them. If not, maybe a large corporation will offer everything.

Individual thinking that does not benefit the "team" is shunned. A business has to have the capability to offer a "life" not just a job.

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It is getting more difficult for a business to hire an employee that is satisfied with just a paycheck. Small businesses can be successful, as long as they don't need employees.

So, what happened to the "In"? The explosion of electronic media caused mass paranoia.

Parents used to tell their kids to get out of the house and be home for dinner. A guardian now constantly shadows the kids.

They make no decisions on their own and suffer the learning consequences. They are taught to depend on mama, nana, dada, gramps, nanny, etc.

It is time to fall down and pick yourself up! Doing something on your own is not logging onto social media to tell and show how much your guardian put on your plate for dinner.

Get out of the house/office/classroom and look around. You just need to take an interest in it. Be independent!

Mike Trute

Incline Village