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Opinion: Lake Tahoe roadwork merely a greenwashing farce

Attention, Tahoe residents: We interrupt this decade-long, decades-to-come road contracting and greenwashing orgy with a special announcement — if you go outside, you're going to choke.

An army of thousands of people belonging to Caltrans and road contractors — flush with millions in taxpayer cash — tear the entire basin up from one end of the lake to another, so much of it in the name of "greening" of the lake, and infrastructure "investments."

Oh, and economic investment as our forest fire season gets off to its raging start.

Despite the predictability of this annual public health and environmental disaster, exponentially greater sums of taxpayer cash and prioritization continues to be shunted not into fire fighting, but instead into the completely contractor-driven construction and greenwashing mess dumped onto us yearly … along with thousands of tons of cancer-causing chemical fire retardant and air saturated with fire smoke and soot, all with its toxic effect on our ecosystem and habitat, including that big thing we call the lake.

Meanwhile, our locally operating — though not necessarily locally based — "environmental" groups, most operating safely from inside the air conditioned and filtered cabs of their Range Rovers, weirdly obsesses over its obstruction of such apocalyptic environmental blights such as roller coasters, ski area gondolas, and housing.

Someone wake all of us up and tell us that this is just some really bad, really weird dream.

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Mark Adams

Tahoe City