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Opinion: Once again, Gurowitz is off base

This letter is in response to Ed Gurowitz's latest rendition of what he thinks is wrong with IVGID, which is nothing. In his letter last week, he said he wants to recall two board members and chastise those who don't agree with him.

Mr. Gurowitz proceeds to slam those who see the truth. He is oblivious to the wrongs within the bowels of IVGID. If one could follow Mr. Gurowitz's logic, one would see a totally biased and lost soul.

Mr. Gurowitz claims there are big bad "bullies" in our community — has he looked in the mirror lately? Mr. Gurowitz calls for all the citizens in Incline to join him in his crusade to stop free speech!

He reminds me of the late Jim Jones of Guyana, or the leader of the Waco massacre, David Koresh. Their followers all thought they were well-meaning! But they were way off in their thinking.

All three have one thing in common: They think their way is the best way, and they don't understand what is criminal. That is, unless the perpetrator is a "bully."

Frank Wright

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