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Opinion: SR 89/Fanny Bridge project long overdue

For more than 20 years, I've visited Tahoe City on a consistent basis year after year, and my uncle has owned a home on the west shore for years. So, I write on behalf of him and myself. I love the place, but I cannot express enough how much something needs to be done to improve traffic in and around the "Wye" and along Highway 89 heading into Tahoe City from Homewood and from Alpine.

Year after year, we'd choose to dine at the pizza place in Tahoma or simply at home, instead of sitting in traffic to get to Jake's or Wolfdale's, two of our favorite places. I also often wondered why there were no sidewalks on Fanny Bridge. I was almost hit (side swiped) by a car on that bridge years ago, just on my way to try to get to the Bridgetender, my most favorite restaurant in the town. The "Wye" area should be a safe place to walk and bike. Right now I'd prefer to just drive my car right through that area.

In review of the documentation on the Tahoe Transportation District website about this project, I'd say that Alternative 1 is really the only way to improve traffic flow and safety ­— not only for pedestrians, but for those who want to get off the West Shore quickly if there is ever an emergency like the Angora Fire.

Anna Seibel

Tahoe City