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Opinion: Traffic issues a plenty in Incline Village

It has been nearly one year since I communicated with Ms. Clara Lawson, Public Works Engineer at Washoe County.

I had emailed and talked with her via phone about what I perceived as hazardous Incline street safety issues. She responded in a timely fashion by having a "Yield Ahead" sign installed on Fairview Boulevard, approaching First Green.

However, since then, there has been no communication, other than my recent unreturned call to her. I do appreciate her interest and early response, but feel a more urgent general response is needed. My sense is Incline traffic safety has given way to aesthetic rusticity. Last week my wife and I were angling left from Ski Way onto Fairview when a car, at a minimum of 30 mph, crossed immediately in front of us at the yield sign.

The yield sign exiting the Diamond Peak area (obliterated by a shrub) is positioned at the curve, with no prior Yield Ahead sign as a forewarning. I'm not an engineer, but suggest that the entire Diamond Peak access be revisited. This is only one of series of accidents-in-waiting. Also, the stop sign on Country Club and Highway 431 is too far right (beyond a grove of trees) to be seen from Country Club until almost too late. Putting in a Stop Sign Ahead is a less costly option than eliminating trees.

Clearing the foliage from intersections should be done in accordance with a systematic maintenance schedule. Some street signs are completely obliterated by overgrown foliage. Also, all of the Yield/Stop sign configurations should be reviewed. Among locals, there may be less perceived danger than for visitors, simply because we've survived and are accustomed to the irregularities and potential dangers.

Clay Klein | Incline Village